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Time out is needed sometime’s, sorry for the none updates over last few weeks but a rest was needed for anything work related really. Anyhow its just over a month till theGATHERING and if you haven’t sorted your bed, floor, bin or digs best get onto it asap. You can get all the info you need by just visiting the Information page HERE. Ok so over the last few weeks of the sun has shone enough for a heap of peeps to be very active.

First off the well traveled Manchester native Razors own Alex Burston traveled out to the Ghetto Games and copped himself a nice 500 euro for his 2nd place which was quickly used to further extend his gypsy travels throughout europe. If you looked at his passport these days you might find some spare space to drop a tag or two. On the note of theGhetto the number one space at the Games was filled with none other than Slaptaps newest rider Steven Swain who walked away with the 1000 euro, no doubt that got put to good use buying select custom pieces for his car habit or a new belt to replace that string that hold his pants up :). But joking aside Dam the UK got ghetto high at the games.

Talking about Games & Razors our very own female blade ambassador Jenna Downing is on primetime TV, yer she’s only got a spot on the SKY sports TV show Game Changers. But if you can’t afford the sports package don’t worry as you can catch a good chunk of the show by clicking the link HERE.20130903-001050.jpg

If you have been DEAD then you might not have heard of the arrival of the VALOBrand very anticipated “V” insight which dropped a few weeks back now and has been having it’s effect on the blade scene across the globe. Check out it’s trailer and if you want to own a digital copy for your device just clock on to itunes HERE and download it asap, or if your a lover of the round shiney disc you can pick these up at a good shop along with the mint “V: Collectors Book which contains some mint visual captures of the VALObrands travels in the making of “V”.

The Valo5 Trailer from Themgoods on Vimeo.

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