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The Newblood Qualifiers have been going on since March this year with the first qualifier being held at the GarageSkatepark Blade Jam in Livingston were Tony Hoggan & Connor Henderson secured the first two spots in the Newblood Finals. Followed on by the annual Noiya Jam in May at theHouseSkatepark in Sheffield were Ben Melia,Reece Marah and Connor Pearce secured Final spots. Closely followed by the BIB Jam @ Evolution Skatepark in Saltcoats where Chris Brass, Jordan Ward and Steven Morrison locked down another 3 Finals spots. Then more recently in June we had another qualifier as part of the Razors Unders Contest held at Unit23 Skatepark, here Rueben Colins, John McEwan and Sammy Garland got there spots for the NewBlood Finals at SlammJamm 15 on Oct 12th 2013. This leaves only a few more places available in the NewBlood Finals and we will have more news coming up on two more Qualifiers in the next week so stay tuned if you are a blader of 15 Years and under.




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