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the ROLLKINGS empire has been built over a 4year period by none other than Stu Kinghorn, recently that all changed, ROLLKINGS have developed into the HEDONSKATE.CO.UK. Here is what Mr Kinghorn had to say about the onward route into the GREENISBETTER.


“With sadness and excitement a new chapter begins forRollKings.Com today. We are becoming part of Hedonskate UK.

We would like to personally thank everyone who helped us out along the last 4.5 years(yes it really has been that long already), our team, designers,customers, fans, anyone who did something we got involved in. Hopefully we showed our love for blading above all and we really did have some fantastic times on tour and at events with the team and everyone else.

The RollKings website is staying live and as is for now but we would ask all our customers to direct for new orders as we have a much larger product range available there.

You can check the newsletter below for the full details and an introductory discount code.We would be grateful if you could share this news with your local crews and friends”.

Here’s to the future.

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