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I know in the NationFour we have plenty of Female Bladers Jnr and Senior who have made there way to plenty of the NationFour events throughout the years. Yet its very visual that a only a handful of bladies wish to compete at any level. Over the last few years of SlammJamm Female representation within the contest section of SJ has been low. To the point one female entering the Open Contest at SJ15, but plenty of Bladies were in attendance at the event. This year at SJVXI I’ve chosen to take a different approach to the whole Female Blading side of SlammJamm and have taken a look back at the early days of SJ when plenty of Girls would Blade at the Event. So this year, we don’t just have one contest “No”, We don’t just have Two contest’s “No”, we have 3 sessions dedicated the the Females within our Community.


The First contest is none other than the FEMALE 16+ AM OPEN CONTEST : which will be held on Sat 11th OCT. Sometimes it’s good to beat the grass and see what stirs up, as plenty of you out there have been in contact. So one female doesn’t make a contest nor do 2 or 3, so their needs to be a minumn of 5 females to make this work with the Jam section of the Open. I know that more than 5 of you 16+ Bladies have contacted me regarding the Female contest over the last few months so I’m hoping you’ll register “HERE” step up and run with the positive of taking part in the Open. Once you have registered you’ll receive all the info you’ll need for the weekend.


The Second instalment, is the WWW.PROLINESKATES.COM ALL FEMALE JAM, which will be held on Sat 11th OCT @ 2pm till 3pm in the Skateplaza room @ Rampworx. This Jam will be open to all female bladers of all ages & levels so the info you need can be found “HERE“.


The third session is QUEEN OF THE SLAMM :  It’s like going back in time, the last female to win this award was Becci Wallace way back in 2006. It’s very easy, no need to register online, no pressure of doing runs, jams etc. All you need to do is pickup a helmet sticker number from me on the day you arrive at SJXVI and Blade. That’s It, easy as, my trusted female officials will be sorting through the sessions over the weekend and someone will be crowned Jnr and Senior QUEEN of the SLAMM 2014 at the awards ceremony at the end of SJXVI.

So girls there you have it if you want in on the Contest “ALL GOOD”, if you want a chill Jam “ALL GOOD”, and if you just want to Blade with mates “ALL GOOD”.


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