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1997 was a good year, Pokemon was born, A Probe lands on Mars, We stamp the Origins of man born in Motherland Africa, and Titanic is a box office smash (I’ll never let go Jack, I’ll never let go”). Some of you reading this might not have even been born yet but the UPSIDEDOWN was.

UPSIDEDOWN was born in July 29th, 1997. The first skate was the Damocles, which already had lots of interchangeable parts such as the cuffs, buckles, soulplates and frames. The ideology behind UPSIDEDOWN was to turn the industry upside down with new concepts, designs that would make it possible for skaters to use parts from lots of other companies to customize their own personal skate.

In 1998 UPSIDEDOWN was renamed to USD, Universal Skate Design, a stronger name to represent the worldwide influence of the company. The new name and image where the brainchild of Shane Coburn and Arlo Eisenberg, who both joined USD to help promote the skates and run the design and marketing side of the company. This led to an amazing team: Jon Julio, Josh Petty, Dustin Latimer, and Champion Baumstimler. Without a doubt, one of the best teams that has ever been formed within the Inline Skating industry. These and other skaters were welcomed to the “Terrordome”, which was one of the first slogans and Tees from USD, designed by Shane and Arlo as a team.

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