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The Newblood finals are firmly part of “theGathering” and have been since there initial birth at SJ12. Every year more and more 15years and Under bladers take part in the qualifying events throughout the NationFour trying to secure a spot in the finals. This year we will be adding more to the Newblood Finals, there will not only be a 15years and Under Final there will also be a 10years and under Final. This means at all the qualifying events the top 2 bladers of 10years and Under and 15years and Under will secure a spot in the Finals at SLAMMJAMM 16 on the 11th Oct 2014. This gives even more youth a chance to be a massive part of the SlammJamm and help develop and encourage our younger Newblood bladers into our wider CommUNITY.

The 1st NEWBLOOD series qualifier will take place on 16th MARCH 2014 in DUBLIN IRELAND as part of the Kaltik St Patricks Day Jam held at the SofD Skatepark. For more information on the jam etc head over to the skateparks website HERE or keep an eye on Kaltik frames website.

Don’t worry if you can’t make this 1st event as there will be plenty more qualifiers before SlammJamm 16. Events to take note of as every year NOIYA JAM, RAZORS UNDERS JAM, LOCOSKATES BEACH JAM and BONES SUMMER JAM. If you have a blade event taking place before OCT 2014 get intouch as the more commUNITY involved the better.


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